Ger-District (2019)

Few countries in the world are as affected by climate change as Mongolia. Once nomads and cattle found everything they needed to live in the steppes. But it is becoming increasingly difficult. Never before in history has there been such a great rural exodus as in recent years. Every year, thousands of families with their children move from the steppes to the capital Ulaanbaatar in search of urban happiness and work.The yurt districts on the outskirts of the city are growing rapidly. 60 percent of all Ulaanbaatar's inhabitants now live in these suburbs, some of them in yurts. Poor hygienic conditions, a lack of drinking water systems and medical care are characteristic of these residential areas.For me, the yurt districts are a symbol of the incredibly rapid change in Mongolia. They form a kind of transition between country and city and between nomadic and urban life.

Michael Horbach Stiftung, 09.05.-25.06.2021, Köln

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