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The last village before the mine  Le Monde 11/2022

In this occupied hamlet, which has become a symbol of the fight against climate change, activists want to block the advance of the last open-cast coal mine in the Rhine basin.

Text: Cécile Boutelet
Editor: Patrice Birot


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The destruction of Sylt
Stern Magazine 06/2022

The introduction of the 9-euro ticket would lead to a storm on Sylt, said the Internet. What really happened on the first day? A site visit.

Text: Stephan Maus
Editor: Guido Schmidtke 

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The death of the mills  

STERN Magazine 05/2021

Many old wind turbines are no longer profitable. Thousands are being dismantled, and new construction is stalling. By the end of 2021, Germany could have less wind power than a year earlier. 

Text: Rolf-Herbert Peters
Editor: Andreas Trampe

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Last Exit Lüdenscheid STERN Magazine 05/2022

The town in the Sauerland region once flourished. And fell into decay. Will the closure of the highway now finish off the region?

Text: Michael Streck
Editor: Andreas Trampe

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A former Bolshoi dancer is helping young dancers flee Ukraine, one ballet school at a time – Los Angeles Times, 03/2022

At the beginning of March 2022, a big competition for over 200 young ballet dancers was supposed to take place in Kyiv. Then the brutal war in Ukraine began. The competition had to be cancelled. Instead of ballet, bombs were falling. Young people flee the city and find new and safe homes. Over 80 young Ukrainians, usually between the ages of 12 and 18, were accepted at prestigious ballet schools throughout Europe.

Text: Jessica Gelt
Editor: Jacob Moscovitch